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Calendula & Oat Gentle Cleansing Grains

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Cleansing grains form a gentle, plant-based, soap free, exfoliating cleanser/mask that helps to remove dead skin cells, eliminate clogged pores, and promote skin that looks and feels clean, refreshed, smooth, and soft. This natural, lightly exfoliating cleanser is vegan friendly and free from any preservatives or fragrances.  

Net Wt 2 oz (sold by weight, product may settle during shipping)

NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: A Powdered Blend of Organic Oat Powder, Kaolin Clay, Moroccan Lava Clay, Organic Calendula Flower Powder, Organic Cassava Root Powder

Directions for Use: Combine a small amount (a few shakes) in the palm of your hand with enough water or favorite liquid to dampen. Apply to wet face in a circular motion, avoiding eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. To use as a soothing and gently purifying mask, allow to remain on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Alternatives to mixing with water include:
Honey – Gently cleanses, exfoliates, and adds moisture to skin
Plain yogurt – Lactic acid gently exfoliates, while cool yogurt soothes skin and adds moisture
Herbal Tea (Chamomile or Lavender) – Soothing to skin, helps diminish the appearance of redness and promotes bright, healthy looking skin
Aloe Vera gel or juice – Moisturizing, cooling and nourishing

Product Care & Storage:
Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.  
Take care to avoid allowing water to enter jar.

Always perform a patch test when trying new products on your skin and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

All S.A. Plunkett Products are FREE of added Parabens, Sulfates, Petroleum, Phthalates, synthetic fragrances & dyes, and are never tested on animals.